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The Stuff Stop is the place to turn to when you’re ready to dispose of those things that you no longer need, use or love in a responsible, green way that helps people in need at the same time!

A FREE nationwide community resource website that provides information to match up your unwanted stuff with local charities, ministries and companies that connect it with people in need.

Information is also provided that will enable you to recycle or dispose of your unwanted stuff in a green way rather than having it end up in a landfill.

With just a few simple mouse clicks, we’ll get to work connecting you with some great charities, ministries and companies that can use your unwanted stuff. You can search by location to find out about the resources in your local area or by stuff to find out about the resources for a specific item(s).

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The provision of referrals for charities, ministries, donation sites and green companies is offered by The Stuff Stop as a referral service. We assume no responsibility for the actions or the services provided by any organization referred through this website.