Stuffed Animals Comfort Children in Crisis

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As a professional organizer that helps people dig out of their clutter, can you guess what I see an excess of in practically every home I visit? You’re right if you guessed stuffed animals. I think they multiply on their own. Of course, people hold on to them because each one has a sentimental memory or story attached to it. At least that’s what they think until we stop and really look closely at each one of them.

That’s exactly what my client realized this week once we started looking at each of her stuffed animals one at a time. She had literally hundreds of them that had taken over space in just about every room in her house. Within about 5 minutes, she realized that many of the stuffed animals no longer had value to her and she was able to let them go. She breathed a heavy sigh of relief as I bagged them up.

Stuffed Animals

Stuffed Animals

I dropped this bag of stuffed animals off to a volunteer of our local chapter of SAFE: Stuffed Animals For Emergencies (there are chapters across the nation). They do absolutely amazing work in my opinion! They take the donated stuffed animals, wash them and then distribute them to local fire departments, emergency rooms, police departments, homeless shelters and other organizations that come into contact with children that are caught in traumatic, emotional and transitional situations.

These unwanted stuffed animals are then used to comfort these children and give them a little joy during these difficult and troubling times. The stuffed animals ease the children’s nerves, calm their fears and help them feel a little more SAFE when they need it most.

Please always keep in mind that your unwanted stuff could probably help someone in need. I’m not recommending that you keep holding on to it because “someone could use it”, I’m suggesting that you take action to match up your unwanted stuff with people in need (thereby freeing yourself of it too!). Using the search feature on The Stuff Stop should help you start the process of connecting your unwanted stuff with people in need.

About the Author: Sue Anderson is a Certified Professional Organizer, owner of Simplified Living Solutions and creator of The Stuff Stop. She thrives on helping people dig out of their clutter so they can lead simpler, calmer lives. She is also passionate about matching up people’s unwanted stuff with people in need. You can find her on FacebookTwitter and Linked In.


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