Unwanted Wedding Dresses Bring Change

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My sister volunteers for the Hope for Haiti Foundation.  Their work is focused on empowering Haitians to act and change their own nation. They do that by providing education, medical care and spiritual development.

Recently, the Hope for Haiti Foundation planned on having a wedding celebration for 14 couples getting married in one mass ceremony. Since my sister knows that in my work as a professional organizer I see lots of unwanted and unused stuff, she called me to see if I might have any clients that would like to donate their wedding dresses for use in this mass ceremony.

After sending out an email blast to my clients about this, I heard back from several of them who were interested in donating their dresses. One client in particular was so ecstatic to donate her dress that she asked if she could share my email with her coworkers. Within minutes of her sending the email, my phone began to chime with numerous emails from her coworkers. 

With minimal effort of my own, I was able to collect 14 dresses in all! Here’s where the story gets even better – after the wedding ceremony, the dresses were used to start a rental business for the locals! These dresses are now rented out for other brides to use, thus creating a sustainable business for the locals!

Deb with Dresses

Deb with Dresses

About the author: Debbie Zechini is a Certified Organizer Coach and founder of Order in the House. Through both organizing and coaching, she works with clients to create the peaceful, orderly environment they have been longing for. Debbie resides in Cary, NC with her husband, four children and two cats. She loves keeping busy and spending time in the outdoors. You can find her on Facebook, Twitter, Linked In and Pinterest

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