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Christian Social Services of Illinois provides direct services to persons of all backgrounds with social and emotional needs across the continuum of life. CSSIL provides comprehensive adoption services, foster care, the St. John Bosco Children’s Center, individual, family and school counseling, senior employment services and referral services throughout Southern Illinois.

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When you donate and recycle your unneeded items to Goodwill, they make them available to your neighbors at affordable prices. The revenue that their forty stores earn is then invested in your community through a variety of services including skills training courses and employment programs. You can be confident that your donation to Goodwill is making a difference to improve the life of someone in your community.

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The Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center affords men the opportunity to regain their self-respect and acquire the life skills needed to take their rightful place in life. The Adult Rehabilitation Center is dedicated to rebuilding lives. The residence accommodates 102 men. The program is designed for the mental, physical and spiritual rehabilitation of the person. The majority of men who come to this center for assistance are having problems in many areas of their lives, i.e., social, medical, spiritual, personal and employment. The common factor for most of them is that of addiction to drugs and/or alcohol. These services are provided at no cost. They accept donations to sell to the public in one of 8 thrift stores. The proceeds from those sales support this program.

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WITS recycles and refurbishes electronics, computers and surplus equipment from local or national businesses and residents by fixing or replacing what may be broken and putting it back into the community for educational use. This keeps the used equipment out of the landfills and provides those in need with the technology to accomplish their educational or career goals. WITS also offers training in many areas for students of all ages and capabilities for internships and resume experiences and the chance to teach their skills to other students with hands-on experiences.

Anything that WITS cannot reuse is recycled appropriately at our recycling facility. WITS has a 0% landfill policy which has been followed since they began recycling in 2002.

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