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Always Recycling has operated in Harford County, MD for over ten years. They are a family business that recycles many things including computer printers and monitors.

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BoxCycle is a marketplace for used cardboard boxes. They make it easier than ever to find and buy used shipping and moving boxes or turn unneeded boxes into green profit. Reuse lets you benefit from this investment with little or no additional environmental impact. While recycling cardboard is beneficial, it only reduces the environmental impact by a little bit. Local reuse eliminates environmental impact. You can make a real difference by helping boxes live longer!

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Jeffco Subcontracting Inc (JSI) has added a new electronic recycling service. What makes this so special is that the work is done by workers at a sheltered workshop for developmentally disabled children to work after high school.

Computers and other electronics are filled with metals and wires that can be recycled. The circuit boards, for example, can be sold by the pound. It just takes a little effort to separate the parts from the computer.

Computers and monitors are being accepted at no charge. They destroy hard drives and data. The workers take the computers apart and separate the recyclable items. The program gets to keep about 30 percent of the money made when the recyclable items are sold. They also recycle cardboard boxes.

Currently 120 disabled people, ranging in age from 21 to 68 years, work at the workshop. For many the workshop is more than a job, it’s also their social life.

For information about donating, or scheduling a collection event, call JSI at 636-296-6211.

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Operation Happy Note is a volunteer effort to send musical instruments to deployed service men and women throughout the world. With the help of thousands of great Americans, they have sent over 4000 instruments overseas.  Thousands of requests are still coming in; clearly these soldiers need the joy that music brings them.

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Special E is a unique green business that “rescues” items that are left over from special events such as banquets, receptions, weddings, private parties, galas, fundraisers, meetings, conferences, trade shows and more. They re-purpose them in ways that benefit our planet and people in need. The rescued items are redirected to a wide range of charitable and non-profit organizations. Items not being donated are re-purposed into other useful products by a one-of-a-kind network of recycling artists.

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Spread the Word Nevada is dedicated to advancing early childhood literacy by placing books in the hands and homes of children from preschool through 5th grade within Southern Nevada’s at-risk, low income communities.

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The Fairy Godmother Project provides free dresses or tuxes for prom, graduation and homecoming to students who cannot afford to purchase them.

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