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Bike Works builds sustainable communities by educating youth and promoting bicycling. They work to educate and empower youth, and make bicycling accessible and affordable to the Seattle community.

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The EdLab Group serves students and teachers to provide them with learning opportunities in the areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). 

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New Futures partners with families and educators in their communities to ensure that children succeed in school and in life. Their programs in low-income apartment complexes build skills, foster connectedness and promote strengths.

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Seattle Girls School is a 5th through 8th grade middle school committed to empowering young women to be leaders in their communities through a challenging academic program focused on collaboration, integration and real-world problem solving.

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Seattle Midwifery School has been educating childbirth professionals for more than 30 years. Their well-known, rigorous midwifery training program is the oldest direct-entry midwifery program in the country .

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Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission provides emergency care and long-term recovery services to hurting and homeless people in Seattle. They serve, rescue and transform those in need and strive to address the root causes of poverty and homelessness.

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Technology Access Foundation (TAF) makes education a priority in underserved communities of color. Serving one child at a time, TAF enhances their educational and professional prospects through the delivery of tools for learning in the 21st century. Donations to TAF directly benefit the children they serve in after school programs.

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The Mangrove Action Project is dedicated to reversing the degradation and loss of mangrove forest ecosystems worldwide. Its main goal is to promote the rights of traditional and indigenous coastal peoples, including fishers and farmers, to sustainably manage their coastal environs.

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Youth in Focus is an afterschool program that uses intensive photography training as a tool to help disadvantaged teens develop personal voice, positive identity, social skills and artistic skills. They offer free, multi-level classes for teens ages 13-19 in both film and digital photography.

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