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Housing Works provides housing, medical, prevention and support services for those living in New York.  Their mission is to end the dual crises of homelessness and AIDS through relentless advocacy.

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MADRE’s Helping Hands program provides women around the world with first aid supplies, medical equipment, classroom materials and other necessities. With these resources women can strengthen their families and communities. You can take part by giving your reusable goods to families that would otherwise not have access to essential everyday supplies.

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Materials for the Arts collects goods that are no longer needed and redistributes them to educators and arts organizations that do need them.

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Share Your Soles brings shoes to desperately impoverished people throughout Central America, Southeast Asia, The Caribbean, Appalachia, Africa, Eastern Europe, American Indian Reservations, India, Ecuador, Peru, Haiti, Sri Lanka, Uganda, Cameroon, Nicaragua, Tanzania and Ghana.

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The Pencil Box enhances the learning environment of students in New York City public schools. Anyone wishing to donate items can list them on the website where a deserving school can access the donations directly from the donor.

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