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You can clean the medications and sharps out of your medicine cabinet and avoid potential misuse, environmental impacts or clutter by visiting this website.

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Gambia Health Education Liaison Project, also known as GambiaHELP, exists to enable communities in Gambia, Africa to protect, conserve and improve their own health, the health of their community, and their natural environment. They do this by providing communities in Gambia with books, educational opportunities, medical help, seed money and human resources.

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The Coalition for Safe Community Needle Disposal is a collaboration of businesses, community groups, non-profit organizations and government that promotes public awareness and solutions for safe disposal of needles, syringes and other sharps in the community.

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Take Back Express is the industries one-stop solution in providing technology-driven reverse distribution collection solutions for end of life products that would otherwise harm our environment. They simplify and streamline the returns collection process, minimizing the time consuming job of returns management, decreasing the amount of product shipping time, and maximizes operating efficiency.

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Waste Management pioneers environmentally sustainable solutions to waste needs. Last year, they recycled enough paper to save 41 million trees and supplied enough waste-based energy to replace more than 14 million barrels of oil.

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