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BabyEarth – RENEW is a hassle-free baby gear recycling program. If you’re no longer using your car seat, stroller or high chair, you can send it in and they will make sure everything is properly disassembled and all usable parts are sent to accredited recycling centers. For example, fabrics will be shipped to developing countries, and metal, plastic and foam will be used for construction projects. In the spirit of renewing, if the item is in excellent condition it will be donated to and enjoyed by another family who needs it.

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Junk Goes Green Recycling Company feels that recycling junk is the greenest way to manage items you no longer need or use. They sort your junk into reusable goods or recyclable parts. Their uniformed, friendly (strong) staff will remove junk, recycle junk, re-purpose junk, and/or dispose of the junk that you don’t want to manage yourself.

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As the top tire recycling company in North America, Liberty Tire has a wide network of production facilities. The company collects and recycles about a third of the nation’s scrap tires, saving more than 130 million tires from the waste stream each year.

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The Paper Retriever program recycles newspapers, magazines, catalogs and mail, which reduces landfill use, saves water and energy. 

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Recyclecology.com offers collection, recycling, data destruction, auditing and reporting services for unwanted, end of life, obsolete, excess and defective electronic equipment.

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