What People Are Saying

What a great site! Your website made it easy for me to get my unwanted stuff to the right place. I will definitely use this as a resource when I am working with my clients. Thank you so much for all the hard work you put into this site.

~ Janae Kelly, Organized Philosophy

The most comprehensive, all reaching, “organized” & indexed list in the industry!

~ Linda Stanley, Apron Lady Organizing

The Stuff Stop is a wonderful resource for those who have so much to give and those who are in need! It is a huge win win… I highly recommend it!

~ Katherine D

Thank you note in the local newspaper: Thank you for your quick response to our house fire and specifically, the Chaplain for your kindness when you told us our pets died (our kids LOVE the teddy bears you gave them that day).

(The teddy bears are provided by S.A.F.E. which is listed on our website.)

~ The Kos Family

Now you’ve gone and done it! I forwarded your newsletter to a couple of people in my office.  Apparently they don’t like to add to landfills and need a useful place to take things.  So now I am apparently either in charge of, or co-chairing office events for people to bring in items to be donated to various places listed on your site. So thank you for the list!

~ Karen G

Thanks for organizing this website to entice me into paying it forward. We all like to make a difference in everyone’s life! Even our own by following through.

~ Jo Ellen

I love “The Stuff Stop” and have marked it as a favorite so I can refer to it when I have something that I would like to recycle.

~ Karen B